Samba A/D pointers

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: SAMBA

Having set up my nethserver as an A/D controller, I now find myself in something of a quandry.

I can set up users and shares etc. and have setup and connected windows clients etc.

Now my problem is i’d like to configure the clients but having never used A/D i have no idea where to start ( i was using a straight samba worklgroup server before ) for example how do i set it so that any new users logging into a particular machine get the same start menu for that specific machine or the desktop background is set to a a global background.

Any pointers to particular documents, books or web articles would be appreciated.


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may be RSAT Tool can be a solution for you. Install RSAT on Windows 11 Using These 3 Simple Methods



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In Active Directory world, RSAT is your “friend”…
Welcome to the dark side…

Hi @uncle_numpty

It seems you’re referring to “roving profiles” as well as a so called standardized default profile.
The first can be done with NethServer, but not out of the box. But it’s not too hard to create and activate user-profiles shares.

A standardized default profile is best created using a specialized user (Not administrator or equal!) and migrating everything using DefProf fom ForensiT Free Downloads (Free tool!).

But yes, RSAT is also one of the must have tools…

My 2 cents

It’s an older article but it should still work:

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