Samba 4 installation break my network configuration

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: samba4


I resintstalled Nethserver 7.3 with the same configuration as the 6.9.
One NIC for the WAN eno1( )
One Nic for the green LAN eno0( )

All was working just fine, the DHCP, the Proxy… all.

But after installing Samba4 and trying to understand how it work.

I saw the Samba 4, make few modification on the network configuration.
it make the NIC eno0 as bridged, and other NIC br0 as green…

But… after a few time… I lost the network connection.
My time Machine router wasn’t connected anymore…

When I gone to the Nethserver configuration… I saw few things:

  • The DHCP that was attributed on the previous eno0 wasn’t attributed anymore :fearful:

Worst, reattributing the DHCP on br0… that’s not work.

I had try to make a static route… but nothing to make the configuration up again !!!
The only substitute I found was to reattribute the green lan to eno0 ( and break the account provider )

What I understand is when the eno0 become bridged and then br0 is created… all the previous configuration on the green lan, is not well reattributed the the new green nic.
It’s something not only with the DHCP, but with the routes or something like that.

What going wrong?

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I suggest to

  1. uninstall the accounts provider
  2. remove the bridge interface
  3. disable DHCP server


  1. configure the accounts provider
  2. configure DHCP server

When removing the account provider, I ve got this message:

Task completed with errors
S20nethserver-sssd-export-accounts #1 (exit status 256)

I suppose your DC was down because you removed the bridge manually. You can safely ignore it anyway.

Yes, you’re right.

I did as you said, it’s seem to be good now.

I already reboot the server, and release and review few ip address from client and the time machine router…
I seem okay no :slight_smile:

Thank you.