Samba 3 EOL , move to 4?

“Acting as an Active Directory Domain Controller is just one of the
enhancements included in Samba 4.0 and later. Version 4.0 was just the
next release after the 3.6 series and contains all the features of the
previous ones - including the NT4-style (classic) domain support. This
means you can update a Samba 3.x NT4-style PDC to 4.x, just as you’ve
updated in the past (e.g. from 3.4.x to 3.5.x). You don’t have to move
your NT4-style domain to an Active Directory!”

So we can use openldap and mirgate to samba4.2 renouncing to AD feature of course… we can open an issue and start testing…
what do you think about?

Just reading some review and stuff about FreeIPA and Samba4:

In our case, it would appear that we need samba4 and not FreeIPA, if this sentence is true:
" FreeIPA is good for environments where you don't have any Windows clients, and Samba is good where Windows interop is needed."

Think it worths to go deeper into the matter

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No we don’t.
FreeIPA can sit in top of Samba 3/4 and we can use it to ease the kerberos integration.

But we must adapt our configuration to Samba 4 for NethServer 7, since version 3 is no longer available.
It doesn’t matter if we want also to add FreeIPA, this will be (almost) totally unrelated with final user experience.