Safesearch and ufdbguard

NethServer Version: 7


I try to configure ufdbguard so that it activates the safesearch function. If the sites are blocked correctly, the search for images with google is not …
I’ve modified the ufdbguard.conf file to include the “safe-search on” value, but it does not work.
Last thing, if I restart the Netheserver, I am obliged to disable the proxy and then reactivate it so that the filter works again …

An idea for the safesearch function?

thank you.

which modus of squid do you use? At reference manual of ufdbguard I read that it’s only working with peek & bump, so you have to choose transparent mode with ssl.

Furthermore do your settings at a custom template not at the conf file please.

this method is applicable?
create a cname in dnsmasq?