Safe ports How to do it?

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: web proxy

I need to add port 8081 to the allowed. Safe ports. How to do it?


I added port 8081. I enabled redirection in the firewall 8081. But indicates that the port is closed and the program does not work. What else can I do?

I assume that Nethserver has only a lan port (green), the application that published 8081 port is installed on the Nethserver and that you redirect 8081 port from your internet connection to Nethserver IP.

try this from console:

config set YourServiceName service status enabled TCPPorts 8081 access public
signal-event firewall-adjust
signal-event runlevel-adjust

where: YourServiceName is a description name (without spaces and strange characters)

You can change public to private if the clients that have to connect to the application are only on the trusted networks (green network and trusted network).


For the program to work, ports 80, 443, 8081 must be opened.
I check the ports
80 - Port open
443 - Port open
8081 - The port is closed
How do I open port 8081?

Have you tried this?

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