Safari-users can't change password in user-settings / blank page


Hi all,

Users with a Safari-browser (Apple) get a blank page after login on https://[domain.tld]/user-settings.


Is possible to use Firefox as temporary workaround?

Of course, but I prefer not to receive phone calls and emails from users …

I also prefer to have everything working as intended without hassle, so I could be payed without doing anything.

Getting back to tech stuff: how the users are accessing the user setting page? I assume that you’re using TLS (as stated by https) but i don’t know if a public or private ip is used and also if there’s a valid certificate for your installation.

There was another item about this : Cockpit 7.8.2003 fails on iPad

Public ip, but the problem also exists from within
lets’encrypt cert, valid until 04/06/2021
first domain is not resolvable.

Would you please elaborate a bit more this sentence?

The first domain is ‘pollet.tld’, doesn’t exist in DNS …

Thanks for adding knowledge :slight_smile:
So there’s a not-public as primary NethServer DNS domain and and a public and registered DNS domain as alias. Is there any difference between.
for Safari?
Could you “teach” your internal DNS server to resolve https://host.public.tld/user-settings as private IP address?

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