RustDesk - Open source virtual / remote desktop infrastructure

Just tested it out in a Ubuntu 22.04 Server running in Proxmox.

Its simple, fast and supports Windows/Linux and Android clients.


Thanks for the tip Walter. Very nice, small and simple.

It looks and feels like anydesk! :slight_smile:

When Login/password and not assisted conection are avaliable, this will be near perfect! :slight_smile:


Installed in my Linux Mint 20 cinnamon. Will test and give the feedback.

Very nice, are you running the Docker edition or as Installation :: Documentation for RustDesk ?

Not using docker. Its very simple, its almost amazing how simple and it works!

For me it feels slow and keeps hanging, and many times keyboard not working. Reading RUST makes me feel that I would dump anydesk completely. Though I used the public installation. Didn’t installed it.

Teamviewer gives the best performance so far, but not free.

Public is kinda slow, i agree, self hosted is pretty fast, it depends on your connection too :slight_smile: but lightweight at server side.