Running anacron script

NethServer Version: 7.6

Hi everyone . my server neth ver. 7 regularly performs anacron programming, executing the cron.daily, cron.weekly, etc. scripts.
Often he makes several attempts before completing the scripts, here’s how:

Aug 24 10:01:01 neth7 anacron [18869]: Job cron.daily 'locked by another anacron - skipping Aug 24 10:01:01 neth7 anacron [18869]: Jobcron.weekly 'locked by another anacron - skipping

Can anyone tell me which process prevents the execution of anacron ??
Thank you

Do you have jobs in /etc/crontab ? If yes, test if the errors still occur after commenting them out.

You may try if the following solves your issue:

Get the PIDs of the running cron processes:

ps aux | grep cron

Kill them with kill -9 <PIDs>.

Start crond again:

systemctl restart crond

Thank you as soon as possible I will carry out the necessary checks.

Hi, I checked in / etc / crontab but it is empty or without a job. Performing the status of the processes here is what appears from the image.

Why are you using anacron?
It’s needed if the server is not running continuously.

The job is already running so anacron does not start a new job. Nothing to worry about if the jobs are done.

Anacron is installed and run by default on the server to process all jobs on daily, weekly, etc. Do I need to change anything related to anacron or disable it? If yes, how can I act correctly?

AFAIK crond is used by default.

Seems you enabled anacron here.

Yes, please disable and stop anacron:

systemctl disable anacron
systemctl stop anacron

ok then i try to disable anacron. Thanks for your kindness !

root@neth7 ~]# systemctl disable anacron

Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory

Sorry. My fault. I thought it can be enabled/disabled.
Cron runs anacron in /etc/cron.hourly/0anacron so if the jobs are completed without errors, you can ignore the “locked by another anacron” errors.

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Hi, thanks for the directions. I noticed that only the following is stated in etc / cron.d:

Run the hourly jobs

SHELL = / bin / bash
PATH = / sbin: / bin: / usr / sbin: / usr / bin
MAILTO = root
01 * * * * root run-parts /etc/cron.hourly
0hourly (END)

After removing anacron, do the rest need to be added to perform the rest of the daily, weekly and monthly jobs?
You could make a cat of your file of…

Sorry, I think I wasn’t clear enough.
You don’t need to delete or add files or remove anacron.
If there are no errors about the jobs itself, you don’t need to change anything.