Running a virtualized instance of NethServer on PROXMOX

Running a virtualized NethServer on PROXMOX virtualisation software:

In my endless search for a good virtualisation system i tested Xen, Citrix and whatever.
then someone recommended me to look at proxmox. And the fact that its management consists of an HTML5 webinterface got me instantly hooked!
Its freeware, although upon login it complaints about no valid subscription (everything works though)

I run PROMOX on a HP Proliant Gen8 server with limited hardware capability’s (4GM RAM, 1TB HDD, Dual Core proc)

Now, to run NethServer on promox you need to create a virtual machine with the following settings (these are the settings i got it to work with, i had no luck with other settings):

Memory: 512MB (more is always better, especially on large networks)
Processor: 1 core (again, more is better on large networks)
DVD: the iso image (i had the 6.6 beta 1 dvd, should work with other versions as well)
HDD: Sata mode, 64GB default format (and again… More is better)
Network: NIC vmxnet3 in bridge mode (no other settings would work, the server would send data, but never seem to receive it when you use other settings)

Then you can use the default installation to set it up, and give the virtual machine a static IP. After that the server can be reached as normal.


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That’s important to me @alefattorini to me

I have a couple of questions about your Proxmox settings.

  • HDD - would I be able to use VIRTIO instead of SATA?
  • Network - is it Bridge: vmbr0 & Model: VMWare vmxnet3?

I’m using v3.4 myself.

Hi, I’m also testing on 3.4
HDD is using virtio
Net: vmbr0 bridge and model Virtio.
so far no problem with this settings.


Thanks dz00te :smile:

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And another person using virtio for all and not having trouble. Bridge mode is much easier to conceptualize and manage but NAT mode does work.

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The official, by Packt Publishing released book says using VirtIO for the HDD and NIC gives the best performance, format the HDD img as RAW and you’re all set to go for a most optimized experience :slight_smile: