Run roundcube in a vhost

Hi everyone,

Could anyone tell me if I can run roundcube in a vhost.

Let’s say I have a domain…, I create a vhost like and I want to run roundcube in that vhost (not just a simple redirect to I think it should work if I edit roundcube config file. But isn’t that going to break my system? I mean, isn’t that going to make nethserver stop working?

I forgot to mention why I need that.
On my domain,, I need to run php 7.0 but roundcube (at least version 1.1.7 which is in nethserver 7) is not working properly with other php version besides the one that is already in nethserver core (sometimes it doesn’t connect, sometimes it connects but it’s giving errors when writing the recipients)

yes but you are on your own to configure it. You need also to install nethserver-mail-server, nethserver-mysql, and nethserver-virtualhosts

like every web application you can rely on a module that someone did, or install manually in the vhost of your choice.

sometime it is better to do it first :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, you must use roundcubemail > 1.2, but epel gives 1.1.7. Therefore I see at least two solutions

  • You install nethserver-php-scl and you adjust php7.{0,1} only per vhost, then you install nethserver-roundcubemail
  • You can use the remi repository which provides the version roundcubemail-1.2.3-1 but with the risk to upgrade your version of mysql and php :wink:

So it’s time for testing… I’ll try all the options and see which one works better.
Thank you very much @stephdl!

the exact procedure in this case will be

install nethserver-roundcubemail
then install after the roudcubemail version of remi with all its dependencies

of course don’t do it on your production server

My server now it’s not a production server. I’m trying to make it a production server. :smile: Gateway, mail server and webserver for an intranet based on drupal 8.

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