Run Owncloud database on a different computer

Hello again.

I have
another question.

Now i have installed
NS as a virtual machine on my NAS, i want to use owncloud on the NAS.

My question:
Is it possible to run Owncloud on a different computer and it still has access
to the Nethserver Database ? And how can I do this ?

Yes, you can do it.

For MySQL config:

For owncloud, please refer to official doc.

+ibico, I would suggest that you export / import the database either using the mysql console commands or (an even better / easer method) administrate the database by installing PHPMyAdmin on your web (NS) and network access servers.

I have to install PHPMyAdmin over the terminal ?

Verry slow i am getting there.

What is the username and Password for Owncloud to login to the Mysql database ?

Wen i use root whit the password in .my.cnf i get no acces

According to the developers documentation:

  • user: ownuser
  • password, the output of: cat /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/ownuser