Rspamd SPEC file and / or Source rpm

Double checked spelling this time…

I can not find the Source package of rspamd in the nethserver package repository nor a SPEC file on github…

BTW: (in package repo)

Did you need to build a custom ragel for rspamd? (build rspamd tab)
ragel - state machine compiler. Please be aware that the experimental version of Ragel (namely, 7.0) is NOT compatible with Rspamd. Since it is shipped with CentOS 7.0, there is no way to use Ragel from the packages and you need to build compatible Ragel (e.g. 6.8) manually from the source packages or from source code. Ragel is required to build Rspamd not to run it.

Lets ask @stephdl. In the meantime…

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I did some work and research on this

I need ragel < 7.0; it does not build with the ragel in the centos repo

Reworked the SPEC that comes with the source (github link above) and got a successful make,
needed extra BuildRequirements:
since v1.7 rspamd moved tho “torch” and this needs luajit to build, (there doc on the web site is out of date :roll_eyes:) now pulling the luajit-devel in probably just need the standard package.

libicu-(devel?): forgot why i need it.

Just that annoying %files (not packed , listed twice, permissions etc) to do.

grtz Mark

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Replying my self a lot here :grinning:

successfully build rspamd for armfhp;
Testing will take some time, wanted to be convinced rspamd did build oke before even start with the rest of nethserver-mail2.

my rspamd.spec

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