Rspamd problems

NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)
Rspamd: 1.7.7 version

i dont get it how rspamd works or why spam is not rejected. I got every day from the same Senders Spam but sometimes it is rejected, sometimes greylisted and today nothing happen. See:

is there a possibility to declare any JavaMail as Spam?

You may try “Rules by mail address” in the Email/Filter settings and add a “New block from”::

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Is it a gmail address, for instance gmail sends email with a from address like even if the email is, of course since we do a regex of the email field, it must be exact.

@mrmarkuz hey guys, thanks for the answers. i think rules by mailadress are not useful for that, cause the sender adress ist always different.

@stephdl nope, it is not a gmail adress, there are different ones like:

iPhone Team
Gutschein BINGO
Gewinnende Investition

and they change every day

what are your spam scores please, I saw that you use a maximum score to 7.5

yes, true. Settings are:


Did you try to move that kind of spam to the junkmail, rspamd is able to learn what is ham and spam (you can check it in /var/log/maillog)

After that you can check what is the symbols the spam message hit, it can explain a lot.

your score settings are not standard, they have been customized, maybe the adjustment range is not big enough

I use 4, 9, 19.9… I prefer to receive some spam than to loose an email.

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yep, also try that but because the mail adresses changes all the time it is not helpful.

As far as I understand the Bayes filter only uses the message content for filtering, not the sender address. So it should be the right one to do the job.

From the docs:

It does not outright flag messages as spam if they contain a specific subject, or sender address. It is only collecting specific characteristics of the message.

Did you check the logs to see if rspamd learned and the symbols of the mail in the history of rspamd web interface as @stephdl suggested?