RSpamD NS8 incoming emails not scanned?

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: RspamD 3.5

can it be, that the Rspam D Module dont work the incoming mails? In my case the outgoing are recognized, if a scan/learn, i also have it in my History, but every email what comes in by imapsynch are not shown.

Rspamd scans only messages received by Postfix SMTP server. It does not check messages copied by Imapsync from an IMAP server to the Mail module.

Therefore, it is normal that messages copied by Imapsync are not shown in Rspamd history.


so if i get it right RspamD is useless and NS8 did not have Spam protection? And in the former Mail System of Nethserver 7 there was a Filter System where it was possible to Block Domains and Email Addresses, will it be get a comeback in NS8? Is there a Plan for getting the Pop Connector back to get RspamD working?


Since when is IMAPsync considered incoming mail?

If you are misusing the function because your provider is blocking port 25, it 's still not incoming mail.

If you don’t set up your mail server correctly, why should rspamd work?

My 2 cents

Imapsync, by definition is synchronizing the IMAP structure - typically handled by Dovecot or Cyrus. The flow of inbound email in the common Postfix based system is
visually represented here: and its solid.

In that document you’ll see Postfix listens on a couple ports and Dovecot listens on others. Postfix provides SMTP, Dovecot provides Pop3, Imap.

While there are a couple ways to setup rSpamD, I still use a milter as I’ve put it in place of SpamAssassin/Amavis on my mailserver. My mailserver is not part of Neth at all, i’ve had it longer than I’ve know about nethserver.

Anyway, my point with all of this: Postfix handles the inbound email at the SMTP level and filters spam there. ImapSync works at the LDA level, completely bypassing the spam filters.

So, there’s a disconnect with how you think it should work and how it actually works, that’s all.

if you want NS8 to handle all the filters, go to your upstream accounts - and use their ‘forwading’ capability, and have them forward all their email your NS8 based account.


@laidback_01 Hello Jack, thank you very much for the explanation, even a non-professional can use it to better assign and understand the connections, as they are different from the Pop Connector from NS7 where the query is executed via the Pops protocol and is therefore recorded by the anti-spam system. Is there a plan for the connector to come back?

I am really very grateful that people make an effort to explain things rather than just droning on and on.

My 2 cents

kai, I’m not familiar with how NS7 operated. However, typical installs treat POP and IMAP basically the same - they are both in the LDA block of that above diagram. Now, and LDA can also be something like procmail, maildrop, or most anything you choose to put in place. So, it’s quite possible that Neth did something cool for NS7 and injected mail into location which allowed the spam filters to work, I just don’t know.

Also, I’m not a developer for NS8, just a consumer. So, I have no insight into their plans for the future.

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If it’s not possible to forward the mails from the mail provider as @laidback_01 proposed, you could use something like fetchmail or getmail on the NS8 host to fetch the mails and deliver it to the local mailserver. This way rspamd checks the mails.

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