/rspamd/ not found

NethServer Version: ns8 stable
Module: mail

The requested URL https://mail.example.com/rspamd was not found on this server.

You could try to replace the fqdn in the URL with the IP of the server. However if mail.example.com doesn’t resolve to your server IP, the Mail module can’t receive mail from other MTAs: a properly configured DNS is a requirement for Mail

See Mail server — NS8 documentation

I used https://mail.example.com also for Webtop. I changed Webtop to https://webmail.example.com and /rspamd is now working.

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Hold my coffee… A webmail is necessary to install and access rSPAMd?

The usercase “mailserver + rspamd” (and no webmail) has been tested?

No, rSPAMd is running with the mailserver. But you could not use the FQDN from the mailserver for example also for Webtop or Sogo.

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You’re right, and I also say that my mail server after the NS7 migration has a similar issue: the HTTP route of the mail FQDN is assigned to WebTop so I have to use an alternative name or the IP address to access Rspamd web UI.