rSpamd Maps: Connection refused

I do not have thi entry

[root@prometheus ~]# grep -srni 'rspamd' /etc/host*
[root@prometheus ~]# 

it seems yes, check at the top, maybe you could try by disabling threatshield

What is the output of the CLI below in the console of the server (must output a binary content)

[root@prometheus ~]# curl -k
(�/�$���	�%hK6X6ms��̸��z�u�e!�)��W��YES�k[�DTaZ?�D,
                                                         Y�r��|� Ƹ6����8䂣��U��,�լ���b:��7m�;����AE�s��3Ph�

I disabled it.

I added it manually

[root@ns-srv01 ~]# curl -k ���Bz�����PD`qo�$��&Zy1����H5̀��m�;��:����}R�c*�>ǔ�]�m���}���9���s1��O.Fuo:��id'�TL�;���Ӥ�OU@+}U:�ώ&C��S�{;���s�87$Ux�n:����C�qE�zl�a�S�HK�4���8������dx�>���Ѥ� �Pd BS0�;��j������H�.�� B��z�-M�t�p��ar�9S|[�z(���i����gOk�`��O�P�������۹���9�T��s\#��5��ҙ�A��:e c�F!��=�/�~3��ތ�ţ��[��"��b B�,-z@h�䫨��X_�=��,0�X�!�8� �* 0�@p_��A[ ;Π('�+�o���+o y�2̲��^ �6@Z�te��0S�XAA 2�wha(|�K�L��4�Xz{�עp ���@�q4�v��i�"խd��B�9�����!����I�{���W���6Z��P�P��j

Probably not related directly but the lead dev has banned some IP last years

Your two servers are behind the same IP ?

could you show us


No. It’s only one server inside of the Netcup data center with a unique IP.

[root@ns-srv01 ~]# wget
–2021-10-10 09:26:37--
Auflösen des Hostnamen » («…
Verbindungsaufbau zu (||:443… verbunden.
HTTP-Anforderung gesendet, warte auf Antwort… 200 OK
Länge: 4591 (4,5K) [application/octet-stream]
In »»«« speichern.

100%[===================================================================================================================================================================>] 4.591 --.-K/s in 0s

2021-10-10 09:26:37 (1,34 GB/s) - »»«« gespeichert [4591/4591]

[root@ns-srv01 ~]#

Additional information…
I am experiencing the same error on another server with a different IP and DNS zone.
However, Thread Shield is not even installed there.

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this make me thing that you have used the maximum of the free policy that the lead developer offers, probably your IP has been blocked

First try to remove the dns entry you have forced, like this you won’t use all the time the same IP, maybe you will need to ask also to the lead dev if your IP is not banned

Try to restart the full services stack also.

Our rspamd implementation is not guilty here.

Hello Stephane,
I may not have expressed myself correctly.
Both server installations have nothing in common with each other - no IP, no DNS zone… no other resources. They are completely independent installations. Nevertheless, the error occurs with both of them.

Therefore, I cannot classify and interpret your hint. Otherwise, I don’t know what I could do concretely.
Sincerely, Marko

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me too :frowning:
You are experiencing an issue that we cannot reproduce. Sometimes you might have the same errors written in logs, but not all the time, see my picture below

The idea is

verify you are full updated
restart rspamd or better trigger the event signal-event nethserver-mail-filter-update
and check again

Relative to the possible ban of your IP by the server of rspamd, I state on it but obviously it is not sure because about 1 year ago, the lead dev has banned all IP used by synology system that were using a really old version of rspamd and it has flooded the rspamd infrastructure.

Maybe you ip is inside that IP list, the rspamd telegram channel is probably a good place to ask.

Other idea, open a ticket to nethesis to check what is occurring

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Since the last update all errors have disappeared.


Just for the sake of completeness: After three days the error occurs again.

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What is the frequency of the errors

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Before the last major update, the error occurred every hour. Now after the update was three days quiet, then an error, now again two days error-free.

Perhaps it was now a singular event, to which we do not have to attach great importance.
I continue to monitor this.

I confirm that I have the same messages on virtually all installations of rspamd 2.7 and 3.0 that I have around (Nethserver enterprise version).

@saitobenkei thanks for your experience.
Could you please provide the frequency that you have for this messages?
Once every 5-6 days like Marko?

I’ve checked some rspamd now, but today it doesn’t report me errors like that.
I keep an eye on.

I have checked the log each day. Yesterday appeared one error again.

error reading connection with http server terminated incorrectly: ssl connect error: syscall fail: Connection timed out