Rspamd Errors Problems

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: rspamd

Hey Guys, i have a problem with the Spamfilter. I got a lot Messages what is Spam, but Rspamd dont recognize it as Spam. if i try to do the learn manually and let rspamd scan the message text, it recognize it as spam and would reject it. But if i then click upload i got a message all learn conditions denied learning spam in default classifier [] Spende von 1,5 Millionen no action 0.00 / 226.26k 0.003 11.8.2022, 09:25:02

|undef|reject|30.40 / 22|0.180|11.8.2022, 09:27:15| | — | — | — | — | — | |Symbols
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BAYES_SPAM (19.999999) [99.99%]
MIME_GOOD (-0.1) [text/plain]
DMARC_NA (0) [No From header]
R_BAD_CTE_7BIT (0) [7bit]
MIME_TRACE (0) [0:+]

Maybe someone has also this Problem?

I can’t reproduce the error. Did you paste the message source including headers?

There’s an open issue.

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Good Morning, if i put the raw message text in the scan field i got this contains less tokens than required for bayes classifier: 4 < 11

Please share a not working message or send it as PM.

not sure if you mean it that way, but this is one of the messages.

Sie haben (1) Paket zur Lieferung ausstehend!



I’d like to test it on my server so I’d prefer the raw source including headers.

i send it

and i get it back because of
This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error.

The following address failed:


SMTP error from remote server for GREETING command, host: ( reason: 550-IP is blacklisted ( Help at/Hilfe unte r


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It seems your IP is on a spam blacklist.

For more details check following:

Maybe you could use a smarthost as workaround?

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it is a smarthost from 1und1

You may try to send directly without smarthost.

i tried it now without smarthost

was not possible without smarthost

Did you get an error message?

If you want to use a smarthost, your provider needs to care about the blacklists.

Check out this wiki page for more details about the pros and cons of using a smarthost.

As regards the spam learning issue: Just send me the complete email message source text in a direct message so I can test it.

did it here, hope it is what you mean/need

Thanks, I could reproduce the error message but I think it can be ignored.

Please check if you enabled whitelisting, I found the following line in the message source:

X-Spam-Symbols: TO_WHITELIST

yes, its enabled. and i got a second ago again spam mails without recognizing it by rspamd

Whitelisting means that there’s no spam check so please disable whitelisting.


did it a second ago, now i will wait for next spam. thank you very much Markus.

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hey @mrmarkuz that was it, i disabled it, now it works. thank you very much. if i am next time in vienna, you got a scheiterhaufen from café diglas on my head

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