Rspamd Error if a Mail arrived and should be checked

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.5.1804 (beta)
Module: Rspamd 1.7.4

I have now everything tried what comes up my mind, but i get allways this:

controller 2563 csession c25a19 got IO timeout with server, after 1 retransmits

Can someone explain why it happen. Saw today in a Rspamd Group that they had fix it in Rspamd 1.7.5

I see those messages, too. I spent some time trying to understand the problem, but I didn’t come to a definitive answer.
What I saw is that my rspamd communicates with but it logs the timeout.
I think that the message is harmless.
Everything is as described in this open issue:

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the fuzzy database is a remote spam database that locally you sync from time to time on your server, you missed a sync probably because the was down, overhead…

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