RSPAMD cannot access tld file /usr/share/rspamd/plugins/effective_tld_names.dat: No such file or directory

OK so it seems from yum provides */effective_tld_names.dat that the file exists but at:

and not:

so if the files doesn’t exits in the right place I just used a simple symlink with the next command:
ln -s /usr/share/rspamd/effective_tld_names.dat /usr/share/rspamd/plugins/effective_tld_names.dat

And a restart to rspamd makes more sense now and works without any error.
The next files and lines:

/etc/rspamd/ = "${SHAREDIR}/effective_tld_names.dat"
/etc/rspamd/rspamd.conf:39:url_tld = "${PLUGINSDIR}/effective_tld_names.dat"

Should be verified and changed accordingly.


The issue is present in Enterprise version too

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yep valid bug, thank for reporting it

please @saitobenkei and @elico, we have a the fix in testing, could you please take time to verify it

Please ask whatever you need

@stephdl How do we test it?

please install nethserver-mail-filter-2.6.1-1.2.ge59a01f.ns7.noarch.rpm

yum install

then follow the QA at

mainly it is what you did by checking your log, then add in the github issue what you did and what you have (good or bad). You need a github account obviously

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Seems to work


released as nethserver-mail-*-2.6.2-1, thank to all

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