RSpamd access unauthorized

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: rspamd


suddenly rsapmd site requests for an UID / password when called from the applications panel. This endes up in an 401 Unauthorized error. Any suggestions how to analyse this issue?


Admin account should work. You can reach rspamd web UI from mail filter settings without needing a password.

You must have at least one account provider installed.

Check in the dashboard, users section, if the “admin” user is disabled (in the case enable it) or it has the password expired.

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No, root / password did not work, but I did not try out admin / password. admin account was not disabled

The problem occured on different browser (firefox, iexplore) and on different computers.

I do not know what happend, after a reboot it start working again. But I got another problem: one of two virtual mail host does not accept email anymore - the other one works perfectly.

I will open another support ticket on that