Rspamd-1.8.0 available in testing

yum update rspamd --enablerepo=nethserver-testing

please test and report, the announce let give us some good features, we do not use (yet) the features that could be broken by the upgrade.


my server is up and runs rspamd-1.8.0 :slight_smile:


I don’t know when it changed, but now the rspamd (1.8.0) UI presents the password form again

IIRC we applied a workaround to bypass it with HTTPs BASIC authentication!

A click on “Connect” closes the dialog, anyway it’s annoying… :unamused:

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we will need 1.8.0 for for nethserver-mail-quarantine…the feature has just been introduced

whitelist {
		priority = low;
		rcpt = "";
		want_spam = yes;

funn to get a software with a heavy development :smiley:


1.8.0 installed and running without issue. I can’t believe that almost 70% of my email traffic is rejected garbage. As I look at the history log I keep seeing the same subject over and over. Do spammers ever give up on an address?

Keep up the awesome work on rspamd stephdl, I’m loving it!


Last time I looked, I had 49% rejected. Am I on less shady sites than you are?.. LMAO…

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the only Shady site I visit is this one. :wink:


Hi everybody!

How can the following accepted / refused lists be used?
There is possibility to be used / filled from GUI?


The read only map are modifiable with the server-manager (mail menu tab filter), normally you should have the same map name in another location, those one are writable for the rspamd UI

From memory /var/lib/rspamd.

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You are right!
Configuration → Email → Filter → Rules by mail address

Thank you!

PS: Can be modified also from Rspamd module? Are read only.

Yes but only those in /var/lib/rspamd with the same name

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