RSPAM Legit mail in Junk Folder

Hi all
The problem is this:
I receive mail from my customer has Synology NAS, these nas use my mail server with ssl and smtp authentication to send email, everything work well, but from a few days ago these emails arrived from these nas goes on junk folder.
it’s possibile to understand why Rspam consider these email junk?
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if you look at the source of the email, you have all the score written there, it will be a good clue to follow. Other way is to look after maillog, same score are written, search by the email address

I found this on mail log but i can’t understand what is mean

I think i found the cause of the problem:

The problem is that spf for the customer domain name not permit to send email from my mail server but only from google mail server.

At this point i have a lot of nas with this problem, what is the fast option for fix? I would like not to change all the spf records of my clients domains, it would take me a long time.

Is it possible to make a whitelist?
I add a rules on whitelist of RSPAMD on nethserver accept to: nas@domain.tld, it should be work.

Still DSM5.0 devices? Why they don’t “simply” login to Google SMTP instead to other email servers?

Because i want to use my mail server to send email, but i have resolved the problem just i write above adding a rule on the rspam filter to accept the email to my address.

Crafted enough for avoding exploitation…

I don’t understand very well english, sorry. what do you mean?

Fits perfectly your case, without allowing this rule to be exploited by other type of traffic.