RSAT and Roaming Profiles NS7

NethServer 7.3.1611: ** 2 Win 7 pro **
everything on Proxmox 4

Hi everybody,
excuse my english.

I try to make an AD : srv.dom.local with ad.dom.local
it looks good
install "file server"
it looks good (users and group)

PC can join and connect AD : ok
I see there is no roaming profiles,
so I want to follow : Roaming profiles in ns7 Active Directory

but I can’t connect my mmc or dsa.msc to my AD.

What I did :

  • install rsat tools on pc1
  • join the AD (DOMAIN = dom) with pc1
  • login pc1 with admin or administrator (witch one ?)
  • mmc : add “user and computers Active Directory” module
  • error : les informations de noms sont introuvables pour la raison suivante : serveur n’est pas opérationnel
    (server not operationnal)

Did I something wrong ?
Thanks a lot

What I did now : i

log PC 1 with “admin” to connect AD
I add windows fonctionnality now instead on PC1 out of the domaine.

and it’s work

hope it helps.

… and now roaming profiles :wink:


I’m not a RSAT tools expert so I need to call some experts for help
@uliversal @Mattallyc @saitobenkei @des

Did you take a look at old discussions?

Good to know. Can you help us with a video or a set of screenshots so we can guide our members on this path?

…I read a lot of discussion, but i’m french and I surely forget some words.

I’ll will see for screenshots.

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the server name is :slight_smile:
NSDC.SRV and not SRV

I did not use earlier Roaming Profiles (i don’t had to) but i will try to test it and let you know if it works

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it does !
according to

thanks to @uliversal

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Great news! After my comeback from holidays i will finally start setting things up at work!

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