RPM %changelog for testing packages

Just pushed a nethserver-mock update to nethserver-testing that groups together in a single %changelog entry all git commits since the latest release. Check it out Dev Team (@giacomo, @davidep, @filippo_carletti, @alep, @stephdl, @Stll0, @alefattorini) , help is welcome!


The change affects only testing packages (those with g... in release). This is an example output

    $ rpm -qp --changelog nethserver-firewall-base-2.9.0-1.15.g2355f05.ns6.noarch.rpm
* Thu Nov 26 2015 Davide Principi  - 15.g2355f05.ns6
- FirewallRules UI: added fwrule-modify system validator. Refs #2809 (Davide Principi )
- Providers UI: check if provider is used by fw rules before delete. Refs #2809 (Davide Principi )
- FirewallRules UI: restyle rules (3). Refs #2809 (Davide Principi )
- Policy routing: ignore rules where dst is set to any. Refs #2809 (Giacomo Sanchietti )
- FirewallRules UI: select what kind of rules to show. Refs #2809 (Davide Principi )
- Rules UI: disable log checkbox if action is route. Refs #2809 (Davide Principi )
- Firewall rules UI: ROUTE action implementation for Policy routing. Refs #2809 (Davide Principi )
- Policy routing: move rules into fwrules db. Refs #2809 (Giacomo Sanchietti )

Perhaps author + email is too verbose… :fearful:

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nope, a mandatory


Just released in nethserver-updates

* Fri Dec 04 2015 Davide Principi  - 1.2.1-1
- Add documentation - Bug #2 [NethServer]

Of course the Bug reference is wrong :sweat_smile:

Read the changelog here:

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