RPKI by 2024 for Dutch government networks

According to Bleeping Computer

The Dutch government will upgrade the security of its internet routing by adopting before the end of 2024 the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) standard.

I honestly don’t know enought to have an informed opinion about the choice, but considering how little I know about BGP… Seems good thing to me. Unless it comes with attached some complicated and tech-useless obbligations, like PEC of italian laws and ISPs…

I guess it basically boils down to the change from ‘we trust providers and their routers’ into ‘we do not trust anybody and are going to make sure our traffic is routed correctly’.

We see the move from the core internet routing based on trust to be internet routing based on no trust. Fundamental change. Not just routing, but all core components that make the internet.

It’s a messy world we’re living in. And several countries are acting hostile by default.

Maybe “hostile by default” should be the setting for every internet access to resources.

The end of the internet as being designed as ‘atomic proof’. One did take into account atomic bombs (ARPA net), but not evil intent.