Routing question

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Hi all,
I run NS7 with 1 network interface, as a home server.
I’ve set my modem/router to give NS7 as DNS-server via DHCP to clients on my network.
In NS7, I’ve configured the DNS of my ISP as primary DNS, and foresaid modem as secundary.
In NS7, at the DNS-module, I’ve listed my internal devices as (e.g.) with a internal IP. Like so for, etc. however is hosted externally by a hosting company. That site is now unresolvable.
How come? I would think -since it isn’t listed as a static IP- the request is forwared to the external DNS of my ISP.
Of course, I can add on the DNS-page with a fixed external IP, but then, when the hostingprovider changes that IP, I have to change it as well.
Any solutions? Do I have a wrong setup?
Please advise.

Hi Rolf,

I generally recommend to use Nethserver as DNS and DHCP server because this way NethServer knows all DHCP devices.

The public IP of your webserver usually doesn’t change. If it does more often you may use dyndns.

Another method is to change your internal domain name to something else, so is resolved by external DNS and not by your internal one as it is the case now.

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