Routers (in)security

just a really nice article to read…

do you trust your router? :spy:


Did I trust my Nethserver instance? ( actually my firewall/router)
Not at 100%, for sure.
I’ 'm conscient that the security it’s an endless run between an adaptive strategy, regualry updates on the right and exploits discoveries, hole discoveries, unatended bugs, and so on… on the left.

I like to think that my Nethserver instance is more secure than any consumer product…:ok_hand:

Not at all, my home netgear is full of bugs I guess :slight_smile:

I am not too concerned. Behind my crappy ISP router I have my homeserver. Currently running Zentyal, but soon to be replaced by NS7.
Even though the ISP router is crappy, it is still an extra line of defense.
The only thing that can happen, is that the services active on the ISP router are being abused with (DNS, NTP etc) amplification attacks and so DDos-ing other servers.

/edit: reading the article being used as DDos bots is exactly what those routers are abused for… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I never trust in the ISP routers that I have in different locations of my clients.
They want to manage them but usually don’t.
I always use my own routers behind them (as @robb said). In this mode, I have full control.

BTW, the router from that article is HUAWEI. I have the same router from my ISP, Telekom. I’m using it only for Wi-Fi for GUEST even I have full control on it.

Just to be clear, it is not your network that gets compromised, but the router itself.

Of course, but is just a step away.
If the router is compromised, theoretically, you can do anything you want.

Trust my router … lol… my routet at my home is netgear and I must say it is so full of buggs… i guess since the speed is so much varied .

You necroed a 3 year old thread…
/me turns to other side and sleeps again…