Route Roadwarrior VPN to OpenVPN connection

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: Roadwarrior VPN

I have a roadwarrior VPN setup and am able to connect to my Nethserver network just fine. I’m able to access the local LAN and my internet IP is the WAN IP of my Nethserver.

However, I have an OpenVPN connection to a remote network, and I’m not able to access that network from the RWVPN connection. I tried adding a static route, but I’m not sure what gateway address to use. Does anyone have some pointers on how to route access to the remote network from RW?

We need to know more about your network diagram/setup and how you have configured your Roadwarrior VPN (Routed vs Bridged mode). Normally a static route is needed at the router level pointing to the internal green ip address of the Nethserver install assuming Nethserver isn’t the gateway/router of your network.

The Nethserver is the gateway/router of the network.

It goes
Red: WAN
Nethserver as router/gateway
Green: LAN (bridged)
br0.2: (vlan)
br0.3: (vlan)
OpenVPN Client: -> Remote NW:

So I’m trying to get access to the network from the RW VPN connection.

RW is in routed mode.

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This looks like exactly what I’m looking for. Is 7.8 available? Is this something I can do with 7.7?

Upgrade to 7.8 or manually download all the rpm you can see in the gh issue