Route Proxy and locahost app


Hello everyone, I’m testing the reverse proxy on Ns8. I tried to configure the reverse proxy with host servers running Gucamole , Zabbix , Docker Grafana etc . By performing a Dnat from the firewall to port 4443 > 443 on ns8 , these applications work perfectly with the advantage that I use a valid certificate for everything . I just have a hard time working with the reverse proxy , Glpi , Wordpress which are apps installed locally and working from the lan with their virtualhost ( e.g glpi.internal.lan , wordpress.internal.lan ) . I can’t get them to work with reverse, so I’m asking how to do it.
In the images there are the working configurations (zabbix and guacamole) plus I am attaching those for which I can’t (glpi).

Thank you .

Hello, Zabbix on NS8? Is it. Operational?

Could you try remove http to https for GLPi a d report?

Also, what version of GLPi are you running. The pod container version, if not the latest could you update?

Hi as I wrote the servers are in the lan not on ns8 . Configured the reverse proxy works , but not on ns8 apps including glpi .