Roundtables at NethServer Conference

Agenda is quite complete but I’d like to add some roundtables with the attendees.
Which kind of topics should we address? Any proposal? I’d like to gather generic topic proposals not things like features, bugs or others…
We are going to be there, we will see our faces and discuss. What’s the most important thing to discuss?
@ambassadors_group any idea?

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I have mentioned this before but at that time the general consensus was that the community wasn’t mature enough (yet), so I propose this again:
We have a great group of ambassadors doing a superb job in pushing the community futher. But my ideal would be that we have a democratic group of people that ultimately decides for the major topics.
This group of chosen members might be called the community board or something similar. Once chosen, members get a specific task (and mandate?) within that board and they are chosen for a limited time. For example 12 or 24 months. After that term they can decide if they want to run for a second, third…etc term.
I have seen similar organization in the Ubuntu and Zentyal communities. Personally I think this can work very well, especially if the community is growing at the pace it is growing now.

If this topic will be adopted I am willing to do some research in what kind of options we can identify so we can discuss the pro’s and cons of the concept and each option.

This is by no means a way of pushing my own ideas through or making it possible for anyone to do so. I think when the community grows, we need a independent body that is capable and allowed to make (decent) decisions.


That’s a great idea. Can you do some research about a “governance” plan? So we can discuss our options here and extend the conversion at the conference with a roundtable. I’m keen to see your data
A community board is a great idea if every member has a specific task, I’m a great fan of "concrete contributions over an extended period of time"
Like leading a team, support people, test/develop things or nurture discussions

Any other thought about this?

Sure I can do research on that. I will dive into what I can find on best practices on community governance and in communities that already have some kind of governance in place and see what I can ‘steal’ from them.
I will post back as soon I have things sorted.

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I really like Rob proposal, I strongly believe that inputs from Community will help NethServer growing faster and better.

Me too. We can’t weight just on few people’s commitment. I’d like to see more people in charge, with specific task and goals. A lot of time is not required, just being consistent and believing in the cause :slight_smile:
Great food for thought at Conference

Talking about @robb roundtable it would be great to address another topic

*** How to scale our community and involve new people?**

  • Sharing our stories into Open Source and NethServer Community
  • Finding patterns
  • Mentoring newcomers
  • Sharing our skills and knowledge
  • Accountability

It would be great to discuss other arguments at the conference.