Roundcubemail shows blank page after 'upgrade'

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: roundcubemail

My roundcubemail version was the very old 1.1.12 and I attempted to install newer version (the stephdl repository and My nethserver-roundcubemail shows version 1.4.0 after the lastest NS update.

I followed the steps on the stephdl page - also rebooted the server but I still only see a blank page instead of the Roundcube web mail page. I did get a login prompt the first time I went to the login page and the the URL was included with a token, so I figure that I am logged in but just seeing a blank page.

What to look for to troubleshoot this problem or what to do to revert to the 1.1.12 version?

  1. You can try accessing it through https://FQDN-ir-IP/webmail/ or https://FQDN-ir-IP/roundcubemail/
  2. Try to access it on a private/incognito browser window, and with a different browser.
  3. Check httpd service is running
  4. Check logs
 yum --enablerepo=stephdl downgrade roundcubemail

Thanks. I found I can’t downgrade to 1.1.12.

But issue is fixed with current version. Found the issue in the log (roundcubemail/errors.log). The plugin advanced_search was failing.

Unlisted advanced_search in /usr/share/roundcubemail/config/ and performed:

config setprop roundcubemail PluginsList “plugin1,plugin2,plugin3” - excluding advanced_search
signal-event nethserver-roundcubemail-update


Glad you figured it out.
It doesn’t downgrade the nethserver-roundcubemail package but the main roundcubemail application.

A bit strange with the version 1.1.12. When I started adding the stephdl repo I was on roundcubemail 1.1.12 and the repo brought me to roundcubemail 1.4.10. Downgrading brought me to roundcubemail 1.4.9. So it seems 1.1.12 has gone from my system. Nevermind I’m running OK now on 1.4.10

Disable stephdl-roundcubemail repository and you could downgrade to the epel version