Roundcube plugins

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: roundcubemail


I just installed and setup Nethserver. So far everything worked like a charm. Thanks everybody for this wonderful piece of software.

I´m wondering what ist the best way to add plugins to roundcubemail. I´m not familiar with the signal event system in nethserver. So can I just use composer like suggested on the round cube website?
Where do I have to put the for every plugin? Is there a special directory for the config-files?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can use all plugins shipped with the rpm, take a look at this:

I think you could safely install additional plugins using composer.
But if you need to change roundcubemail.conf you should create a template-custom.

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Hi @giacomo

thank you for your response. I just wanted to activate the included module enigma and I get the following error:

Do you have any ideas?


It seems enigma is not working with round cube versions prior 1.2:


Did you try with other plugins? Sorry but it’s a bit outside NethServer area.

I just tried other plugins installed via composer. Most of them work, but some require newer versions of round cube. But for it´s ok at the moment.

But now I have problem with roundcube… I´ll open another topic

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roundcubemail 1.2 can be installed from remi repository, I bet that soon we will have it in epel. Be aware to not upgrade your php version if you try the update

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Thank you @stephdl. I´ll wait for the new package till it´s in epel. Having gpg-support is quite important for me.

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