Roundcube php 7.4 and outlook skin

Hi all,

looking at roundcube for webmail and the outlook plus skin which requires PHP7 how do i go about adjusting the php version for roundcube.


There is nethserver-roundcubemail-next (NethForge repo) that runs on php 7.3 and ships roundcubemail 1.5.x
The skin requirements for php are at least v7.1, so that should do it.

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Thanks for that, thats great, next question how do i install it as i assume i need to remove the existing one then install this one

Yes, as you said. IT should work with:

yum remove nethserver-roundcubemail roundcubemail
yum install nethserver-roundcubemail-next     # or from software center

You can find a more recent version of roundcubemail in NethForge, you must remove first roundcubemail and install nethserver-roundcubemail-next from NethForge.

Development notes on QA had some tips to check before installing it:

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Thanks for that, completed the instructions, for some reason the old version still stays and also when i run nethserver-roundcubemail-next-update i get command not found

Do you mean the installed package?

rpm -qa *roundcube* | sort

or something else like the database?

The note is just about a configuration event signal-event nethserver-roundcubemail-next-update (not a “command” by itself) that you usually do not need to run unless you change some related setting from command line or something related is not working and you decide to run that event to re-run / reapply some actions.

The other notes on github were for QA testing the package, I consider there are some tips and precautions that still could apply but other bits are outdated. So not a guide to follow to the letter.

You guys are awesome, all sorted…it was me, though it hadnt changed but confirmed all working, thanks for all the help, now i just need to sort out out of office…lol