Roundcube / Mailsieve Filter problems

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: RoundCube


A server I’m responsible for used to be able to use Roundcube / Filter to do a Vacation notice.
Now it seems the same rules don’t work.
Even a simple “Refuse mail with error message” seems to work, no new mail turning up, but no error message is being sent either.
It seems the filter can’t send anything anymore. No error messages to be seen, either in mail or roundcube logs (At least those shown in the WebInterface).

Removed Roundcube (And with that my mail!) and reinstalled it after a reboot.
Still not working, and no errors shown.

And ideas?


I tested “Reply with message” and “Discard with message” but I couldn’t reproduce the error, both works.

Maybe it helps to create a new filter in roundcube and activate it?

Does it work locally on Nethserver to get the vacation notice from another user?

Do you use a smarthost? Maybe there’s a problem with outgoing mails.

Did you see the vacation message in maillog?

cat /var/log/maillog | grep vacation

May 26 21:14:09 server2 dovecot: lmtp(b@b.c): 6DrsdgdsgsdgAAArAzIVg: sieve: msgid=<1c29sdlkjjdofj9348458608ae811ad65@c.local>: sent vacation response to <a@b.c>



Tested it on the command line, like you suggested.

—Log excerpt —
May 26 17:50:49 ccis-nethserver dovecot: lmtp( qFD4J9m16lz1HAAAV8sLzQ: sieve: discarded duplicate vacation response to
May 26 17:53:31 ccis-nethserver dovecot: lmtp( cGMKGHu26lw7HwAAV8sLzQ: sieve: discarded duplicate vacation response to
May 26 18:27:52 ccis-nethserver dovecot: lmtp( 8EzHKIi+6ly6ZQAAV8sLzQ: sieve: discarded duplicate vacation response to
May 26 18:29:09 ccis-nethserver dovecot: lmtp( 4NPxMdW+6lzYZgAAV8sLzQ: sieve: discarded duplicate vacation response to
— Log excerpt finished —

It contains several messages about “Duplicate” messages in the queue being discarded - however, I never got a Mail…

Any ideas?

There IS a smarthost, however, that shouldn’t be a problem.
Sending from Roundcube itself works fast.

Internally, the vacation message seems to work, you may be right with the smarthost.
How can this be verified or checked?

Changed the smarthost, works again! Thanks!!!

What does the bottom dialog exactly mean? (Keep sending for 10 days?)

It means to send one auto reply message to a recipient and only send the message to the same recipient after 10 days.

OK, the translated text could be a bit clearer about that…



It’s not easier in English (How often send messages (in days):), it’s just not possible to explain it in a short sentence.

Anyway, I’m happy that it works again. Please mark the topic as solved.


How about “send only every X days”…

(Sende nur alle X Tage…)


The other message could be read as send for (eg) next ten days - the english (and german) is plainly bad and also not quite clear.


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I think it could be clearer with:

Send message to same mail-recipient again after (x) days.