Roundcube 1.5.0 released

Hope this version can be tested and implemented soon in Nethserver 7.

As mentioned on the Roundcube website:

We proudly announce the final release of the next major version 1.5 of Roundcube webmail. With this milestone we introduce new features and full PHP 8.0 support. The most noteworthy additions are:

  • Dark mode for Elastic skin
  • OAuth2/XOauth support (with plugin hooks)
  • Collected recipients and trusted senders
  • Moving recipients between inputs with drag & drop
  • Full unicode support with MySQL database
  • Support of IMAP LITERAL- extension RFC 7888
  • Support of RFC 2231 encoded names
  • Cache refactoring

See the full changelog in the release notes on the Github download page.


Thank for the hit


I love it


Tried to make the update smoothly but we need to use php73 and a mysql migration to a major version. Not a really good new


@stephdl how will this affect the install of those of us who are using your repo version for otp auth?

At this point I really do not know. Roundcubemail is back in the core of nethserver and otp is still workable with the version 1.4.11

1.5.1 has been released, I did a tour I think I can make it workable but I need to trick mariadb (we have an old version now)

add to /etc/my.cnf.d/nethserver.cnf and restart mysqld


we need now php73, this is not an issue.

The mysql upgrade I feared first is not needed anymore, my concern is to add the patch above to mariadb to override the 767 bytes in MySQL version 5.6

I think we could have a go, there is some nice improvements in the addressbook (collected address for example)


Salut @stephdl

Now with PHP7.3 it should be possible to try to use the CrdDAV plugin for Roundcube, to enable using the Adressbook from Nextcloud for example…

Will give feedback sometime later, also going to test this on my existing home Server and the Hosted VM at Hetzner…


My 2 cents


I forgot it indeed :smiley:


Remember last summer when you had DNS problems…?

In my hosters Plesk, the entry is there (since 2 days).
Wanted to add a subdomain (For webmail) but now my servers won’t get resolved. At least not from the first das, the second seems to work.

But LetsEncrypt queried the first server, now refuses… :frowning:

Shit happens…

Salut @stephdl

My DNS registrar / hoster fixed the DNS on Friday afternoon… :slight_smile:
It was a corrupt zone file…

How do I actually get the update?
The instructions above only manipulate the MariaDB…

My new server is installed, the current version of Roundcube is running.
It’s ready to break your update - or the server (But backups available with super fast PBS…).
Both Proxmox and PBS here are hosted at Hetzner in Finland, and use only fast NVMEs…

Mes deux centimes

You are right for now I just make some manual tricks but I am thinking to make a rpm and we will see if it will become a community module (again) or an official module (still)

BTW the version we run 1.4.x is a LTS and not the 1.5.1 but as always LTS means no new features

I think I could have a go this week


My (at the moment still) Test-Environment is ready for a lot of BIG challenges:

Nice, fast AMD Ryzen 12 core, 24 threads CPU, with 128 GB RAM and 2 x 2 TB NVMEs in ZFS RAID1…

This is a ‚Äúhosted‚ÄĚ environments, but even PBS is all NVMEs, Backups are available‚Ķ

Really nice for testing!



just to let you know


closed by Roundcubemail-1.5.2 is waiting testers

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