Roundcube 1.4.2

Can’t it be run with a SCL version?


I installed roundcube 1.4.3 in a NethServer virtualhost with PHP73 and it worked so far.

  • Create vhost
  • Download the complete package to include requirements
  • Extract to your vhost directory
  • Create mysql db and user, I used name roundcubetest - use phpmyadmin or command line
  • Access https://<VHOST>/installer and go through the setup
  • Copy LDAP addressbook config part from existing /etc/roundcubemail/ to /var/lib/nethserver/>VHOST>/config/

Maybe there’s some more config to do…but it should be enough for testing…


Looks nice :slight_smile:

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however /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/httpd/conf.d/roundcubemail.conf/10base is a template from core package, so even if you provide a new rpm for roundcubemail, we need to us a setHandler and redirect to the right php version.

several possibilities

  • split /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/httpd/conf.d/roundcubemail.conf/10base and allow several parts

  • use a template-custom with a new rpm roundcubemail

  • make a fork of nethserver-roundcubemail


there is a lot of dependencies to update, not only PHP


I think I am close of a rpm…


yum install nethserver-roundcubemail

At the first login you feel there is nothing changed, you are on the new version but with the old template, you can go in the settings (of each users ?)and change the skin to elastic (or maybe make a custom template to change the skin)

/etc/roundcubemail/$config['skin'] = 'larry';

The event is not changed if you cannot connect to httpd, signal-event nethserver-roundcubemail-update

Know issue

The path to log is to usr/share/roundcubemail/logs same for temp but workable

all seems well on my side


What are the problems since 1.4.0 current version?

@stephdl I can confirm the new package works well. :+1:

I think best way for the skin would be a db prop but I’m happy using a custom template too. It’s possible to change the skin per user in the web UI too.

Sorry, I don’t understand your question in the context of the thread. There are no problems, there’s a new package to test.

Roundcube 1.1.12 from epel was the current Neth version:

---> Package roundcubemail.noarch 0:1.1.12-2.el7 will be updated
---> Package roundcubemail.noarch 0:1.4.3-1.ns7 will be an update

it comes from core so a PR to nethserver-roundcubemail should be done, same if we want to use php7X. It seems on the roundcubemail they state to use PHP54 for the complete version, but it is not clear at all. At least I won’t be surprised that some plugins we do not use yet could be broken or not work well.

Now I need to think how to propose it, I cannot push it to my repository without upgrading 5000 servers :slight_smile:

for those who are interested this is the spec file

I do not have the skill of remi, sorry it is basic :expressionless:


Sorry, I had understand that it is not possible to do an update after 1.4.0.

roundcubemail is on my server but in specific branch disabled by default, you have to upgrade first nethserver-stephdl


The roundcube following the instruccions on the Wiki is just installing the RounCube 1.4.0-1.

It is not updating to 1.4.3

Don’t know what to do…


… After Upgrade:

What a surprise!!! is the beautiful Roundcube now!!

Sorry for the post…

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You should explain to everybody where you failed, did you enable stephdl-roundcubemail repository

Yes I enabled the repositorie… but the version installed was: 1.4.0-1 not the 1.4.3… so removed and then install through Your Wiki instructions. Thanks a lot.

Package Arch Version Repository Size
nethserver-roundcubemail noarch 1.4.0-1.ns7 nethserver-base 156 k
Installing for dependencies:
nethserver-mail-server noarch 2.18.1-1.ns7 nethserver-updates 130 k

are you sure :smiley:

1.4.0 is nethserver-roundcubemail (all related files to the nethserver integration)
1.4.9 is roundcubemail (all related files to the web application)

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