Root disk almost full: merged overlay?

same Problem here with the root disk

but if i try the way @remi_python told i got

check what is taking the space, cause it can be different than the case exposed here.
your / seems small sized (16.93GiB). Is it from a VPS with constrained space, a VM on other virtualitzation platform…? how is it partitioned?

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yes, get us some data like

df -h , du and mount infos …

also there is a typo in my post, the dot at the end is not in the CLI .

podman volume rm rclone-webdav .

is wrong

I must have put the “.” englishwise then left it during formating …

podman volume rm rclone-webdav

is correct

please becareful, ussuing RM type commands with wrong parameters can destroy your system !!!


yes, it is a vm on proxmox

i tried also the podman volume rm rclone-webdav but its not known in my system. i played around with backups on the filesystem before, but delete it over the Webgui, maybe something went wrong there?

not sure this is what u ask for…

Please see since when you have a “disk space” issue,

as our friend said, 16Gigs is barely sufficient , my installation took 24Gigs for / and my /home is in another disk …

System requirements

NethServer 8 (NS8) can be deployed on a single node or across multiple nodes. In both cases it is called “cluster”.

Minimum hardware requirements for a single node installation:

2 vCPU/cores, x86-64 architecture


**20GB disk**                  <----------------- !!!

More nodes can be added later, and when adding a new node, it is recommended to use similar hardware and the same Linux distribution installed on the other nodes.

The above requirements must be increased to match users, applications, and load needs.

this is the Konfiguration of the VM , i did it like described. I am not sure when it happens that the root disk is full, if i see it right it becomes more full if an Update is installed.

this is the gui of the Cluster

Space taken seems related to merged storage overlay. Unsure if it is normal (by the files stored on your server) or the result from a bug:

Hi @hucky

I do not know what hardware you have, I do know you use Proxmox.
But to be honest, setting the absolute minimum disk space is a waste of time for everyone!
As everyone keeps on saying, 20 GB is minimum. It will work. But space for additional stuff and also updates?

For playing around, I would not bother under 100 GB. If real hardware, I would not even bother if the box has only 100 GB Disk Space. 20 years ago, 100GB Disk would be small, even for a PC.
It’s too small to even play around, and it just wastes time and energy (Which has become expensive in Europe!).

A few other suggestions regarding Proxmox:


You are using i440fx, a definition for a standard PC about 25 years old. Q35 would be better for most cases, as that definition is less than 15 years old and allows better passthru among other features.


Do you actually use the Proxmox firewall? I don’t - and accordingly leave out the firewall when setting network.

The rest of your Proxmox settings are OK in my opinion - besides the Disk size!

Hope this helps…

My 2 cents

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