Rocky swift in place in femouse NS updates team?

Anyone is working for it or you will try to have your own brunch?



Why bother?

Rocky, Alma, Oracle or RedHat, it doesn’t matter…

See here:

Let the devs do their work, it’s finished when it’s finished! :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


Did you tried in VM and LXD envy bro? so don’t be a lost o network manager

Once more, in English, please.


As said, why should I try? RHEL8 has been available for a while now, so has Oracle.
The others are just Bug for Bug compatibles…

I’m a NethServer User, and quite happy with that. I don’t NEED a RHEL compatible for that matter, none of my clients use SAP on Oracle on RHEL, so no stupid “requirements”…

And, for that matter, I am a big VM (Proxmox) and LXC User…

And I do speak english, german, french, and some italian. But I must second @danb35 here.
My RegExp skills aren’t too bad either, but I can’t quite grok your syntax above… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents