Rocky Linux 9.4 is available

Hi friends,

as I read here, Rocky Linux 9.4 is available.



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How can I upgrade with DNF in place?

Upgrades and Conversions

Existing Rocky Linux 9 users can update to version 9.4 using dnf update through the terminal or via desktop tools like GNOME Software, KDE Discover, etc.

Thanks, did just that, but nothing. Maybe too early for the mirror my dist is polling from.

It’s the same for me here.

NS8 mirrors of RL are waiting for upgrade tests!

Would you like to test RL 9.4 upgrade? I strongly suggest to make a snapshot of your server. If you are running on bare metal, it’s better to wait instead!

This is the command that updates Rocky Linux to 9.4, overriding NS8 mirrors:

dnf --disablerepo=ns-\* --enablerepo=baseos,appstream update

I’d rather wait. No more expirements with working machines. :grinning:

Edit: But after a new installation of NS 8 on good old sheet metal, I can now say: Everything works, everything is possible.
Perhaps the time has now come when I can enjoy NS 8.


Done on a test server and rebooted, all seems fine. No issues in the logs

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Did you notice any problem before rebooting?

I’m concerned of Podman update for running services. Specifically if the new Podman version works with containers started by the old one. E.g. podman exec: many NS8 APIs run it.

Not really or did not notice anything odd, I did a dnf update (which included podman), (but did not go to software center) before the update to 9.4

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I ran a test on a production server: after the update to 9.4 without reboot, all services are running without interruption.