Roaming profiles I know it's been covered but I just can't get it working


(Matthew Mc Murtry) #1

NethServer Version: 7.4.1708
Module: Shared Folders
I have installed nethserver and have had it running for a while and thought it was time to setup roaming profiles. First thing I noticed was the store dos attributes =yes had to be setup as the desktop.ini and hidden files started appearing. There is no gui option for this so goggled and placed in smb.conf and set globally.

Then I created a test user and pointed roaming profile to \server\home$\test\profile.

On login I connected to domain so logged out and windowd 10 stayed at the signing out prompt and I had to force a restart after an hour. Tried with dos attributes off and had same issue. Are profiles working at all?

I also followed a manual setup in another post to create a profile folder as per Roaming profiles in ns7 Active Directory and got even less joy. couldn’t even write to created profile unless set to 777 which isn’t an option. Then I got the same problem logging off… endless signing off. Where can I find an error log or better yet a solution as pulling my hair out with this.

Have located event logs after clearing as event viewer was crashing on windows 10 test machine. I am getting access denied errors even though folder is set to full control for user and I can read and write to this folder and all sub folders . It occuring more after I deleted test user, removed home folder and recreated test user. I check permissions on \server\home$\test user folder. User has full control with inherience enabled and is owner? Is this a bug with nethserver and its samba configuration???
I really like nethserver but this is going to be a no go if folder redirection and roaming profiles don’t work correctly

Revisited from start after getting strange access errors on system files and noticed that the permissions on the domain users group I created were slightly different. 1750 vs 1757 so fixed and all working

(Michael Träumner) #2

Please have a look at


and at the samba logs


Could you find anything at the time you shutdown the windows?