Rh-postgresql94-postgresql stopped

Mattermost comes with Postgresql94. In my services list I see mattermost up and running but rh-postgresql94-postgresql fails to start. The log says:
‘Failed at step EXEC spawning /opt/rh/rh-postgresql94/root/usr/libexec/postgresql-check-db-dir: No such file or directory’. Which is true.
I reinstalled rh-postgresql94-postgresql but …/libexec/… keeps missing.
Can anybody help?

I’m not realy a PostgreSQL specialist, to my knowledge it is part of the postgresq-server package;
This being a Software collection it would likely be something of rh-postgresql94-postgresql-server

So you may want to check which rh-postgresql94 packages are installed.

rpm -qa | grep rh-postgresql94

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