Reverse Proxy with two Domains

NethServer Version: NS8/Nethsecurity
Module: Reverse Proxy

Hello Folks, i have a Ipfire Firewall and i would like to use it also with NS8. I have two Domains what i have to reach from the Wan Side. I saw in the Nethsecurity that there is a possibility with a Reverse Proxy. To be honest, i never used it in the past so i am completely dumb. Is there a howto for it and is it possible (i know it is maybe not the best way) to use both… that the traffic from Ipfire goes to the Nethsecurity? Thanks for your Thoughts and Support, wish u all a great day.

Reverse proxy documentation:

You could port forward the ports 80 (for letsencrypt) and 443 from ipfire to NethSecurity and reverse proxy from NethSecurity to your webserver for example.