Reverse proxy problem

NethServer Version:
NethServer release 7.5.1804 (beta)
Module: Reverse proxy
Configure Apache ProxyPass functionality

Problem after update to the newest version there is a strange behavouir
instead of working as a proxy now the reverse proxy replaces just the address
config file is the same.
what happend ?
the virtual host works perfectly
regards stephan

Hi @stephans, can you paste the output of

db proxypass show

Can you make an example of the problem? What are you trying to do? What is wrong? Do you have any error in httpd logs?

That is what also is the same as in the proxyconf.config

the effect is:

you request externally the website:
and the response is the browser trys to open the target url what of course not works as it is an internal address.

i check the logs and will update this post asap

Was it proxypass.conf? It is normal: that file contents reflect the proxypass DB settings

Your logs report a /webmail url request, but I don’t see it configured in proxypass DB, so I suppose you installed roundcube.

In general an internal name can be resolved by the local dns resolver(/etc/hosts) or by an internal DNS. It is not a problem by itself.

…I still don’t get what you’re trying to achieve! Please provide more background information and additional examples.

before the update
the reverse proxy works as a proxy so if you enter the external address the proxy gives the internal page back to you without revealing the internal server.
from the outside, you just address the subpage and one of the target servers answers and the proxy streams the page outside.
now the proxy just replaces the url.
so if you use the external page URL it just sends you back the target URL and the browser tries to open the target URL which cannot work as this URL is behind firewalls and just do not exist with this name on the internet.
the config is untouched and same as before there are only two changes.
first update
second i added a virtual host to solve a guacamole problem.
the virtual host address does everything as before it uses the proxy to stream the internal server site.
so out of logic, there are two solutions I can only use virtual host OR pages which doesn’t make sense
so i hope i described the problem more precise