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The package nethserver-httpd-2.6.0-1.4.g57616ba.ns7.noarch.rpm is available from the nethserver-testing repository.

It ships the new “Reverse proxy” page, that allows managing from the server manager what we used to do manually in the past. We should now update also updated the following page:


I’d like to not have this page visible by default. We could ship it in a separate RPM, available from the Software center under the “Firewall” category.

What do you think?


Update: new packages in testing. The UI part is now into nethserver-httpd-proxypass RPM.


@Hunv @Walter_Schoenly @stephdl @GG_jr @hazell20 @jaapvdv you asked this feature in the past, could you test it and suggest enhancements? Thanks for your time.

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Sorry, I only have productive environments on v6.8 but no testing on v7. Maybe I can test it on the weekend.


It would be awesome! Just asking, how many productive environments do you have currently?

I’m kinda in the same boat being on 6.8 and unfortunately I have a lot of high priority items I have to take care of. I might be able to tackle some testing in a couple weeks. However, proper testing of this feature is more difficult in my mind as you have to have something to proxy too as well.

I have currently 4 environments with 7 Nethservers. One has it as UTM, Mailserver and for Monitoring, Backup and Inventory (project ongoing). Another as UTM and currently building a Monitoring. The other two are just UTM.

I always separate the UTM from the rest. The division on the first one is because the Mailserver is in the DMZ, the other one in Intranet.

All machines are virtual on Hyper-V


Hi guys im trying to test out the new page but cant find the nethserver testing repo


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It is in the base repository but updates are not pushing it, at least in my case. But can be installed from command line.

yum install nethserver-httpd-proxypass

@Fred @hazell20 please let us know your feedback

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We were missing the “Reverse proxy” item from the Software Center :scream:

I just added it to comps :slight_smile:

Mirrors are synchronizing right now!

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