Reverse proxy Name validator problem


In the reverse proxy interface, according to the help I should do this:

the requested resource path , if Name starts with a slash / character.

But whenever I type a slash and hit Create I get the following name validation error:

Name /SOGo
First character must be a letter, than only lower letters, numbers and symbols like ‘-’ and ‘_’



Like the message says, start with a letter (or leave the slash away!)


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Is the upper case the origin of troubles?

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Hello Andy,

Unfortunately this contradicts the documentation, or there is something I’m not understanding.

Uppercase shouldn’t be a problem, and for instance, for SOGo, it’s actually required.


This is what i have at a clients place, for access to a synology NAS (Photo-App):

This works…

As you can see, the Name doesn’t contain a slash…

It’s different if you want to reverse proxy a whole domain (or part of)…

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Thanks, indeed it looks like what I need to do.

But then the help page is incorrect. And I don’t understand the limitation on uppercase characters either.


It took me a while to get the reverse proxy working, also for reverse proxying a whole domain.
That was only implemented a bit later after my query if it’s possible…

Regarding the Caps limit:
Maybe the Name must be entered with max the first letter in capital, the rest small caps. The URL must be correct however.

Pls. report a bug if you find it works, contrary to the help page.

If you need to proxy a domain, this is what it looks like:

My 2 cents

yes the validator is not good

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Thanks, that’s what I thought too. Sorry I can’t find the github to log the issue.

I am fixing the code, I will push here the issue and the rpm to test


please some testers to verify the fix

released as version 3.7.6, uppercase are now available with proxypass…thank to all for your efforts, ideas and patience