Reverse proxy for two public IP´s

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Network settings


I have some problem with network configuration of nethserver 7.9.2009. I use it as reverse proxy in my proxmox virtual machines enviroments. I describe shortly my net situation. First thing in my network is Mikrotik router, which has NATed public IP, so i got from my ISP IP in 10.x.x.x/30, next is managed switch and two HP servers with Proxmox. In Proxmox run Nethserver VM as reverse proxy for other virtual machines. Nethserver got IP from Mikrotik 192.168.254.x and in reverse proxy settings on nethserver is “translating” multiple domains and subdomains to others IP/VM from same network 254.x . Ethernet is set to green, and I can access administration from any network under my Mikrotik (I use 192.168.1.x for usual “home” use).

Everyting was worked fine, but now I have/need specific combination. I have in other house in my town second Mikrotik with another NATed public IP. So I make connection between Mikrotik routers, EOIP tunnels, VLAN 998 from second Mikrotik with DHCP set on this wlan to my Mikrotik. “Translating” request from second Mikrotik over TCP80 (or any other) to my Mikrotik in VLAN 998 is OK. So I add new interface to my reverse proxy with access to VLAN998 and IP from second Mikrotik (253.x). Settings is “ok”, but after save, I can not more access to web management (980 and 9090) from my private network. It is possible access only from/over “new” tunneled IP and existing reverse proxy settings for first public IP to virtual servers in my network (254.x) is unaccessible. It work only “new” proxy setting from second public IP.

All virtual machines are and in future will be in my domestic network (254.x), but I need to access to web management from my networks and I need use it for reverse proxying from two public IP´s as I describe above. How can I set?