Reverse proxy difficulties

Hi Folks
Im 3 years in and still havent managed to get reverse proxy working for a single web aplication server. Current examples are OOTB builds of BigBlueButton and Zoneminder. Im looking for a strategy to take with this because whist creating the reverse proxy “virtual server” config will have some limited success, it does not achieve everything. For instance zoneminder will show the console page but wont stream the video cameras… other apps impart similar misery. The nethserver interface as presented seems to present fairly limited options and discussions online regarding reverse proxies get quite involved… any guidance here appreciated. thanks ALex

Did you try to change the following reverse proxy setting? (Screenshot from new server manager)


Sometimes apps need more (complex) reverse proxies. There may be additional webservices or needed header modifications.

In these cases manual configuration is needed.

You may search the web for “WANTED_APP apache reverse proxy” to get RP configs you could try.