Reuse samba shares after re-install

Here is the situation: Currently I have Zentyal 3.2 running on my homeserver. Since it is ubuntu 12.04 there is less than a year to have another system running. I don’t want to wait until april 2017, so I am going to switch distro.
Zentyal 3.2 has samba 4 running. There are not many users (about 10) with their profiles and 5 group shares.
/home (on 2 2TB drives in mdadm raid1) and /var (seperate 250GB disk) are on separate partitions. / is on a 60GB SSD.

I would like to keep samba4 so I guess I will need NS 7a3 to use as new system.

How should I continue when I want to reuse homedirs and samba shares and shared printers? I have no mail running on this server, so don’t have to bother with backup of that.

What I explicitly want to know how to handle ownership and permissions on the new install.

@Nas help… :slight_smile:

I suppose dump restore the account from samba 4 is the best way to solve the issue.

@robb I don’t have so much experience but our samba4 experts @davidep @Stll0 @giacomo might chip in and provide a possible solution.

I think recreating users and groups accounts is the simplest way.

NS7a3 is alpha and should not be used as production system. I suggest NS6.8: it already has all the file/print server functionalities!

You can manage filesystem ACLs from the server-manager or Windows workstations.

The main reason I mentioned this is because I would like to see a documented procedure on how to execute a migration from 1 samba(4) server to another. This should be possible. Even cross distro. Does it make sense?