Return to version 7.3

hello everybody wanted to know if it was possible to make a downgrade to stable version 7.3 and if you like

thank you

The 7.4 is soon to come, I wouldn’t downgrade to 7.3 which has many security issues and can be a waste of time…

BTW why do you want to downgrade?

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hello more than a downgrade I would use to remove the last kernel used since nethserver with it has problems

Then simply select the working kernel at boot.
Red Hat accurately tests every kernel for regressions, it seems highly unlikely that a newer kernel creates problems (which problems?).
And if true, they would like to know and fix it. I can help reporting the issue to their bug tracker.

thanks for reply the problem is with the kernel 3.10.0-6xx

The major company I work for in the US has seen many people with problems with the 693 kernel, and I have seen numerous hangs using it on my company laptop and have dropped back to 514. Perhaps it’s limited to a subset of hardware/software, as I haven’t seen any of the issues with my NS server.