Restrict Admin UI Options

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Cockpit

I was wondering if it’s possible to restrict items in the Admin Web UI? I need to set up a server for a small team. I’d like to allow one of the employees to add users but that’s about it. Is there a way to restrict some/most of the admin menu from a user? Or maybe more accurately, can I grant a user the ability to add users within the admin console but restrict option admin options?

Not for Cockpit (in alpha stage) that I’m aware off, but with the current server-manager UI (nethgui), there’s the Delegation of Authority community module.

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This is perfect. Thank you!

@giacomo @edoardo_spadoni cockpit is group based permission, here we have a need example to grant only one user.

I don’t see the need for account based permissions. There is no limitation in adding groups. Then only add 1 account to that group and you can give permissions for that group.
I think this is MS best practice when it comes to giving permissions (permissions on groups rather than accounts)

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